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Residential Snow Removal


Here at Optimum Care we only use snow blowers and shovels to help keep your lawn and driveway damage free!

Trigger Point

Our standard "trigger" (the amount of snow needed before we start snow blowing) is 1". We also offer a 2" trigger. We use reports from the National Weather Service as well as on-site measurements to determine how much snow has fallen. 

Sidewalks, Patios, and Stairs

Our standard rates usually include clearing sidewalks and stairs to the front door. We can also clear decks or patios at your request, for an additional fee.


Ice Management

Our standard service does not include de-icing products but can be added as an option. The rates are based on the quantity used.


We can put down salt when we are at your property doing snow removal and when conditions are slippery, including when mixed precipitation or freezing rain occurs.


If you have environmental or pet concerns, we offer alternative deicing products. 


Roof Raking

This service is available upon request. 

Rate for Roof Raking: $75.00/hour/person – job minimum is $150.00 Most jobs range in price from $150-$300

Note: Due to the timely nature of snow removal, we have a smaller service area than our mowing and fertilizer territory. If you live in this area feel free to contact us to see if we have any openings in our route.

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