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Spring Lawn Clean-up


Spring yard clean-up includes blowing out the landscape beds to remove any leftover debris from the winter. We will then mow the lawn with our baggers on to vacuum up any leaves and dead grass. And finally, all sidewalks, driveways, and patios will be blown off.

Dethatching can also be done at this time if requested.


If you have gravel leftover in your lawn from winter plows we can remove that from your grass during the clean-up.


For residential spring clean-ups our minimum pricing is $175 + disposal.

The price per man-hour is $79. This includes all equipment, tools, and leaf loader necessary to complete job. With our specialized commercial equipment and experienced staff, we can complete the job efficiently. Many of our single family home spring clean-ups take about 2-3 man hours, but this can vary by property size, leaf coverage, and accessibility. 


Disposal fees are $29 per cubic yard of debris (unless we can dump on the property). 

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