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Lawn Care Pricing

Straight-forward pricing to fit your needs and budget. We offer convenient online invoicing. 

These prices are for the 2024 season and do not include sales tax. 


Weekly Mowing

$49.95 starting price up to 1/4 acre

*Price will increase for first mow if the yard is overgrown (more than 6 inches tall)

Fertilizing & Weed Control

$73.95 per app up to 6,000 sq ft

$6 per additional 1,000 sq ft     

Spring/Fall Clean-up

$79 per man-hour + disposal fee (unless we can dump on site)

*$175 minimum price* 


$185 starting price up to 1/4 acre

Pricing for each service is subject to change depending on the specific features of your property. We can use satellite imagery in our office to view your lot, but at times we may require an on-site visit for exact pricing.

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