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Fall Lawn Clean-up


During this service we use high-powered blowers to remove leaves and debris from all areas, including landscape beds, entryways, sidewalks, patios and other surfaces. Once all the leaves are on the turf we haul them to the trailer on tarps or vacuum them up with our mowers. Lastly, everything is loaded onto our leaf trailer (if we can't dump onsite), and then unloaded at a municipal compost site. 

Our leaf removal mowing service is for the last 2 weeks of October. We then start our final lawn clean-ups in November.

Many customers also get their gutters cleaned during fall clean-up.


For residential fall clean-ups our minimum pricing is $175 + disposal.

The price per man-hour is $79. This includes all equipment, tools, and leaf loader necessary to complete job. With our specialized commercial equipment and experienced staff, we can complete the job efficiently. On average, we can usually remove all leaves from a regular sized yard in about 3 to 4 man-hours, but this can vary by property size, tree coverage, and accessibility.


Disposal fees are $29 per cubic yard of debris (unless we can dump on the property). 

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