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Soil Testing

Why is Soil Testing Important?

Optimum soil is critical in maintaining a healthy lawn, and therefore is an essential tool for developing a well-balanced fertilizer program. Soils with certain nutrient deficiencies, and pH levels not conducive to healthy turf, need to be addressed. Based on results from a soil test, we can develop a program specialized for your lawn in order to correct nutrient deficiencies and/or pH levels in the soil. We recommend a soil sample every few years on established lawns, or when establishing a new lawn.

What will a Soil Test Reveal?

A soil test will provide levels of the following information:

  • - pH levels

  • - Availability of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium

  • - Percentage of Organic Matter

  • - Micronutrients (as needed)

What is the procedure for sampling soil?

Optimum Care will take a number of samples throughout your yard to make up a composite sample. This sample will then be submitted to a local laboratory for a fee. After receiving the test results, we will contact you to explain the test results and make recommendations in building or changing a lawn care program. Good soil provides the foundation for a healthy, vigorous lawn that you can be proud of!

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