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Emergency Clean-up


Many times after a Minnesota storm you have a mess on your hands. Broken limbs, damaged trees, blocked walkways, driveways, etc. 

We can immediately come out and open your driveways; clean your walkway and get the storm debris away from your house. That way you are not not trapped and can safely move around your property when required. An Optimum Care company supervisor will be there with the crew to immediately access the work and/or damage and provide you an estimate for the services you choose.

We can also come to your property once the storm is over to cut up and remove the debris, as well as prune and/or cut the damaged trees and shrubs to give you back your yard. 

We run a small, professional team to provide these emergency clean-up services. We are set up for homeowners, small businesses, banks, etc. We offer these emergency services because so many people require immediate help.

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